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Who are we

Padhakku is as much a place for the legendary backbenchers as it is for the geeks. It’s for the ones who define this name with their all-time studies and the ones who redefine it with their ‘time to time’ studies.

Be it your mid-exam crises or just before final-exam marathons.We have books for all kinds of brains and situations.We got you covered.

Be it Interview Jitters or fears , we have curated placement packages and stand right beside you in your journey

Consider us your best buddies!

Incubation And Recognition

Padhakku is a DPIIT registered startup recognised by Central Government which accounts more for its credibility. It has also been Recognised by Punjab Government under Invest Punjab.

Padhakku has been incubated and supported by ACIC RISE ASSOCIATION, Chandigarh Engineering College, Landran Mohali, Punjab